Sunday, December 9, 2012

So much going on and such little time

So for a while I've been meaning to seriously update my blog, not just posting new artworks but also change the look of my personal blogs, (the first thing I plan to change is the banner).

I've been really busy so here's whats been going on in this crazy topsy-turvy coaster I call my life;

I recently just finished designing a logo for a big event and was given the giant approval thumbs up so I'm really excited to see how it comes out.

While working on my portfolio, I've been working on new art to make my own Art Book that I can sell at Cons and such. I don't know how many pages yet and I'm still working on a title but what I can say is the book will have a bunch of brand new art that will only be in the book and not posted online.

My goal is to have everything ready for MetroCon (which I can't wait for)

And I've been invited to help volunteer for this organization made by my good friend Nick, it's a nonprofit organization that aims to help kids and teens become more creative with the arts since schools have been cutting art programs left and right (I guess I had it lucky back in my high school days).

That is all (for now) there are a bunch more things I'm doing but if I took the time to write it all, I would be up all night. So until then, keep checking back here or visit my other sites for a bunch more updated artwork. Cheers!!

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